What Blows Up In My Life…

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Do you agree with this statement? “What blows up in my life has my named stenciled on it?”

I agree with the statement  and it certainly resonates with me.  I buy into the fact that I attracted that stuff into my life, whatever it maybe, so I’d better just clean the darn thing up. Take responsibility for it, own it, and not play the blame game.  It reminds me of  another statement I heard recently, “how old does one have to be before they know right from wrong?”  For goodness sake don’t give an age……because that would be an excuse, or rationalizing a wrong, wouldn’t it?  Holy smokes!  it seems I have a bunch more work to do…..to get this thing called life, right.   I don’t think my Nutrilite nutritional products or vitamins can help with this one.   ~J

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