Week 5, 2021 – The Self Care Wheel

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I was reminded this week, the importance of self-care while struggling with not knowing what the future holds after learning of the deaths of three dear friends in the UK.   So, when I feel unsettled or antsy: I pull out my old book the portable coach and start revisiting the topics:  “Sensitize yourself: do something very special for yourself each day; Well-being: identify and eliminate numbering substances, i.e., alcohol, tv, and exercise! Energy/Vitality: Get plenty of sleep each night; know my cholesterol, health counts, etc;  are they in the healthful range?  have something to look forward to each morning. Safety:  know what to do if I am threatened, mugged, or attacked; are my smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in good working order,” and the learning and questions go on throughout the book.  Am I taking good care of myself?  So, this little book, the portable coach and the self care wheel help me in the midst of uncertainty.  I hope they help you too! 

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