Week 28 – A life worth living is a life worth recording: 5 bullet points

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  • Memorable: #HurricaneFlorence: Our beautiful state of North Carolina, (NC)  was hit my #HurricaneFlorence . My daughter and her young family had to evacuate the her home in New Bern, NC. My son and his family remained safe in Charlotte, and I remained safe!  Thankful for our safety and blessings Video here 
  • Book to note:  “A Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson – read more here
  • Quote:  My favorite notable quote/video from my Mum’s friend, 87, on facebook , “I wish you enough”  Video here
  • Exercise:  The importance of Bikram Yoga
  • Food:  The importance of good protein 


+ favorite hash tag,  #whispersinmyheart

++  favorite two words, “Hope Dealer”

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