A life worth living is a life worth recording! – Jan 2019

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A few things I am trying to get better at in 2019!

  1. Faith  – Complete reading the Bible again.  3rd time thru! Love “The Story of the Bible” here
    • Faith – Complete reading a Course In Miracles.  Had several attempts of doing this! But going for it again here
  2. Health – Run a half Marathon.  Lot’s of choices, here
  3. Relationships – Keep trying to get these “framily” relationships better!  I resonate somewhat to this guys teachings! here
  4.  Finance – Working on being debt free, by following this guy! here
    • To become a better stock market operator.
  5. Goals – to visit and buy a little property in the UK  here 
    • and visit and buy a little property here in the US 




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